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Dear all,

We can proudly deliver the Raet Community App to you. As of today it is in both the Android and Apple iTunes Stores.

Feel free to use it and please let us know if things are not working as advertised.

When you install the App, you must provide your community login for one last time.

After that, it will remember you forever.

The App works very simple

  • It works "In browser" that means it is a frame around the website. Any change we make on the site is visible on the app immediately. This prevents us from having to rebuild the app everytime we make a change.
  • The counter is a nice way to see the notifications you normally see in the system. The counter is based on the standard notifications (Live Alert)
  • You can decide to have Push Notifications (Text messages in your Notification Inbox on your phone) separate from your standard notifications. Sometimes people just want a subset of the alerts pushed to their notification inbox on their cell phone. To change that, go to your settings page (while being logged in), select "Notifications" and de/select the items (in the 'Mobile" column) you want to see in your window while taking a break. If you select None, then only the counter on the App logo will show you that something happened that you are subscribed to.
  • The App integrates with your Camera process: Here is how it works
    • Take a picture
    • Click Share
    • Select the Raet Community App
    • Select the Group to which you want to share
    • Write Caption
    • Click Post

So, again, tell us if something is not working. Pretty soon we will start making some promotion around the app but we wanted you to have it first.