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So, you are giving a comment and want to mention a person

So you type for instance @Martin and then it doesn't find the right person. (for privacy reasons I erased the full names here)

But when you continue to refine the string and add a SPACE for the last name, the system doesn't recognize that you are still typing a name but assumes you are continuing with text so the name cannot be found.

Here is what we did so far to improve the experience

  1. Out of the box, the font size is not too big. So we increased the font size and the area used for selecting from the list. Especially for our mobile users this is more friendly. See also our Mobile App on Android and iPhone
  2. We are expanding the list to 20 items or if we van make it scroll, even better.
  3. We have reported this as a bug to our vendor. I can understand the dilemma of a space interpretation but it is just a bad CX (Customer Experience) and we strive for the best experience.

Here is what you can do as a workaround

Thinking a bit like a developer () we toyed with some alternatives. We found that if you use an underscore, that indeed, the filter refines.

So @Martin_H will indeed lead you to one of our leading Product Owners. Not pretty but good to know if you get stuck.

See the workaround for this