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Dear all,

Our vendor has taken proactive steps to be GDPR compliant. We are of course happy with this delivery and we have tested it.

There are 3 vital improvements that are important 

  1. Right to be forgotten: You can DELETE your account and all traces of you will be deleted. Your content stays but will be assigned to a generic role called "Former Member" and cannot be traced to you anymore. Since we truly delete any association with you, we cannot restore the account. You can reregister again but the system will see you as a new user.
  2. Right to export your data: You can run a report and export what information we have from you. This means, all content you posted can be exported ONLY by you.
  3. Right to consent: We have changed the process to comply with WHO can access your information. We have drawn up new Terms and Conditions and every time that changes you will be asked to review and agree to the changes. You then have a choice to leave if you prefer.