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Hello All,

We've been working diligently in the background to solve the GDPR topics. We are convinced about your privacy and actually do not need GDPR to do the right thing but while it is there, we might as well organize the conversation around the topic. Especially in relation to Raet Community. Of course every other department is working on this topic as well.

Do Right - What did we DO so far

A community is based on trusted relationship. In a trusted relationship you need to do right for the other person. We, as organizers, have a special responsibility to think about your privacy and that of others and make the right choices. The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a set of general guidelines around protecting personal data....your about you. Below you find some of the stuff we already did to protect your data.

  1. Disable people search: Out of the box, the Raet Community platform allows for anybody to search for a person. We have disabled that. We felt that the interest of the individual to be "not found" simply by entering a name in a search box, outweighed the interest of the searcher to find a person quickly. The only way you can be found is in the context of a conversation. Clearly, if you are participating in a Public Group, then indeed you will be indexed by search engines and you can be found via the browser.
  2. Add Privacy Indicator to any group you enter: We customized the view of the Group Title. When you see a group, you will see if you are joining a Public, Private (Listed) or even Private Unlisted (Hidden) Group. When you join a group you will then know if your content can be seen publicly and you can elect to join or even leave.
  3. Leave the Community: We have built a process for you to be able to leave the Raet Community. Under your avatar, you will find a menu item "Leave the Community". You will be prompted a form which you can submit. You will have 3 grace days to reconsider but after that we execute a "true delete" of, your account and personal data & the content associations. The posts are then shown as "Deleted User" (not very friendly, agreed. We have asked for an modification from the vendor) . You can reregister with the account but we truly cannot restore your previous post associations as we truly delete your content associations.
  4. Minimal Information: While you register, we only ASK of you the minimal set of information. Your Name and your Email. This is used to make the Community work. Only your name is exposed, NOT your email. Your email is used in the system as a technical connection. Everything is related to your email. You can change your name and also your email but the content is connected to your email. All other information is up to you to share and you can also remove that again.

Do Right - What are we DOING at the moment

  1. Platform enhancements: We have filed a series of platform enhancements to our vendor to strengthen your privacy and ease of use. For example: Now you can request to leave but we would like to give that option directly to you.
  2. Legal obligations: We are beefing up our legal agreements with our suppliers in the community value chain. We want our supplier to comply with our GDPR regulations.
  3. Process improvements on administration and access. The guideline for making process improvements is again: Is this to the benefit of our Community Member? If so, we will do it. For example, sometimes people have access problems and report that problem. In that case. somebody needs to access your private information like your email. We are beefing up the process about when and under which conditions we access that information and will also shield that capability from people who do not need to do that.

Do Right - What would you like to see?

  • It is never done. What would you like to see? Tell us and we'll get busy organizing a suitable solution. We have a special channel open for that: